We’re bringing One Love’s mission to our region to educate our young people on the signs of unhealthy and healthy relationships

One Love has educated over 72,000 students in over 165 schools across the region
``One Love helps us have hard, but necessary, conversations with students.`` - Dan Abramoski, Vice Principal, Margarita Muñiz Academy

Volunteer of the Month

One Love honors Beyoncé Martinez, a recent graduate of the Margarita Muñiz Academy in Boston and rising freshman at Emerson College’s BFA Program for Acting. As a Teen Ambassador, Beyoncé brought One Love programming to two grades at her school in less than a year, piloted new content Amor del bueno and served as a Peer Leader for younger students. She also helped create, write, and act in a set of videos with the Boston TAs, highlighting ways to have uncomfortable but necessary conversations about healthy relationships with peers, all imagined through having virtual conversations during social distancing. Beyoncé also serves on the MA State Coalition for Healthy Relationships, offering guidance and insight for the RESPECTfully campaign, for which she also offered her skillset as a voice actor for their newest campaign. Beyoncé attended the first-ever Student Summit, and was a featured speaker on the Student Panel, inspiring others with her incredible vision and commitment to educating her communities about healthy relationships.

Educate Your Community

Want to bring One Love workshops to your community? Reach out here for more on virtual workshops and how you can be involved.

One Love Certified Schools

The One Love certification program recognizes schools for their outstanding commitment to healthy relationship education demonstrated through a combination of education training, student leadership and ongoing awareness-building activities. Check out top schools in our region we recognize for outstanding commitment to healthy relationship education.

Young Professionals Network

If you’re a recent graduate, consider joining the Boston chapter of our Young Professionals Network to help fundraise and bring our mission to new audiences.

Regional Leadership Council

Samantha Adams, RLC Chair, Berkshire Partners
Kenneth C. Forasté, RLC Chair, The Coyle Company
Jennifer Belichick, New England Patriots
Brianna Boggs, Brianna Boggs Coaching and Consulting
Joe Chase, Lake Street Advisors
Katherine Greaney
Kim GwinnLanndry, Landry Family Foundation
Kate Leness
Kully Reardon
Anthony W. Richards, II, Massachusetts Governor’s Office
Melanie Sperling, One Love
Jennifer Todd, The Basketball Tournament
Lori Whelan, Silversmith Capital Partners