Statistics on Relationship Abuse

Statistics on Relationship Abuse

One Love is working to change the statistics around
relationship abuse one conversation at a time.

Over 1 in 3 women,
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Over 1 in 4 men,
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Over 1 in 2 trans or non-binary people,
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will be in an abusive relationship 1

Girls and young women between the ages of 16-24 experience intimate partner violence at a rate that is almost triple the national average 2
Only 33% of teens who were in an abusive relationship ever told anyone about the abuse 3
One Love’s Impact

Workshop Participation

Nearly 24,000 volunteers have been trained to facilitate educational workshops

More than 1,100,000 people have been reached in-person through a One Love educational workshop

Post-workshop Outcomes

88% of participants said they felt they understood the importance of
having a plan to safely leave an an unhealthy relationship4

90% of students understand the resources available
to them if they or someone in their friend circle is
in an abusive relationship4

96% of participants said they
would recommend One Love
workshops to a friend4

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